Agiorno — Functional Art to upgrade your every day life

The production process takes place in Domiziani's factory and the result is a product of a unique beauty.
The characteristics of the volcanic and lava stone remain unchanged at a temperature range of +1000°C / -50°C. 
The tables, chairs and panels resist snow, rain, sunlight and salt exposure, for decades and even centuries, without suffering any adverse effects, making our materials suitable for every outdoor environment. 
The vulcanic lava stone remains unchanged in case of contact with sources of heat such as embers or hot pots.
Its surface is shock-proof, acid-proof and less liable to scratching than marble or crystal.
The handmade product may have features as small spots or irregular surface which reflect the natural origin of the stone.

Customization. You can customize every product and we'll tailor it to your wishes, choosing the perfect shape, size and pattern to create your very own piece of art.